For four weeks, we experienced a great living room concert every Thursday. We were so amazed by these exclusive performances from the previous bands and the feedback that we decided to organise some more living room concerts. Each concert is unique and will be played for us exclusively – for free on our Ubomi YouTube channel. So, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy a diverse mix with us over the next months. The concert Thursday, with which we want to surprise you every now and then, will be announced in time.

A “Live and Life” Donation

Obviously, you will be our guest at every concert and will be able to simply enjoy the music. Of course, we are happy if you feel like “throwing something into the hat”. All bands and musicians host these concerts exclusively for us and donate these to Ubomi. The translation and meaning of Ubomi is “life”. For over three years, we have been advocating for children and youth in need. In our houses in the townships of South Africa they have a place where they can experience safety, refuge and warmth and receive a warm meal. The situation in the townships is getting worse because of the corona virus. Due to the lockdown, many workers, mostly day labourers, have lost their income. The people are used to living hand to mouth, the hunger crisis is intensifying. In these distressing times we want to support as many families as possible and supply them with food. Everything that “ends up in the hat” will be used for this purpose.

Always visiting a different living room

On various Thursdays over the next few months, more living room concerts will take place. They start at 7:30 pm and last 60 to 90 minutes each. Only during this time you will be able to join our concerts as a special guest. You can find all dates and links to the videos here and in our announcements on Instagram and Facebook.


New dates coming soon!


Fiona & The Kibbeling Kings is music project from Cologne, continuously growing over the past years. The original line-up of guitar and vocals has become a colourful ensemble of singers, guitars, rhythmic instruments, winds and strings that performs its own pieces in many variations.  The almost exclusively English songs can be ranked somewhere between Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Soul, Pop and Funk – with a good sense of humor, joy of life, thoughtfulness and a little bit of irony. The band performs at smaller festivals in NRW and the whole of Germany, at music venues or – just like in the beginning – on the streets of Cologne.

Photo: Patrick Schulze

YOKAI is a musician from Bremen & a child of the 90’s. His name is an homage to the freak in our heart. It is about celebrating the own uniqueness and living in true freedom. Rooted deeply in Hip Hop, Yokai delivers fresh Pop music for the main stage. Sometimes dirty, sometimes distorted, sometimes open and inviting. Together with clever and multi-layered lyrics, this is how the unique YOKAI sound is created. And you have never heard it “like that” before!

Our children and youth wanted to surprise you with a living room concert from the Ubomi house. Since the occurrence of infections on-site does not allow this yet, we have decided to show you a compilation of Ubomi’s full musical power from the previous years. Whether dancing, singing or playing traditional instruments, our children always give it their best. Let yourself be filled with the passion and joy, experience a unique insight into our Ubomi houses and witness their first performance “on stage”.

Clear, reduced – from soul to soul. Birgit Janknecht already amazed us with her band “Dizzy Heights” during the “Stand Up for Ubomi” in the Youth Hostel Wangerooge last year. Now she gives us once again a very special performance. Accompanied by her guitarist Jürgen, we will hear songs that go straight to the heart. We are already looking forward to this special duo.

The likeable trio from Bremen, consisting of Roman Schell (cajon), Michael Karge (guitar and vocals) and Dorothee Karge (vocals), present their own interpretation of musical classics up to modern pop songs. Since 2012 they excite the audience with self-made beats, puristic sounds and a touching voice. Not only English songs, but German, French and Croatian songs and sounds takes the listeners on an international voyage through the world of music. We say “Chapeau” for the emotive tones!

English singer/songwriter music somewhere between Alternative Rock and Pop with rhythmic acoustic guitar and an atmospheric cello. Simone and Jan are usually out and about with percussion as Jan Pecher Trio, for the Ubomi living room concerts they are playing a special set of own compositions and cover songs as a duo.


We want a peaceful life and better future for our Ubomi children. We believe in this vision. „It always seems impossible until it’s done“. This quote from Nelson Mandela was our motto when we planned and finally opened our first Ubomi house back in 2016. Please continue to help us realize our vision and enable the children, who so deeply deserve it, to have a life worth living.