The Challenge

We dare you to run or roll the entire 12.560 kilometers from Aachen (Cape Town’s Partner City) to Cape Town together with us, in 10 days from the 21.05.2021 to the 31.05.2021.

Kilometer by Kilometer

We will be using the app “adidas Running” to track your collected kilometers (you can download it here for Android and iOS). Immediately before the beginning of the challenge, we will send you the link to a group within the App. This group will add up the collective kilometers covered by all of the participants. Here you can check what we have achieved already and how many kilometers are still needed to achieve our goal.

Make Life possible

The aim of this challenge is to raise donations and awareness for the project “Ubomi”. Last year our event was a huge success, not only did we exceed our kilometer goal, but we were also able to secure the food supply for our children in the townships for the time being, thanks to numerous donations.

In four Ubomi houses we are now able to provide a place of refuge for a total of 130 children and young people. Ubomi is Xhosa and means “life”. We try to create a place for our children where they can receive warm and healthy food,
language classes, life skills training, and other services to help them
increase their chance for a better future.

Participants and donors wanted

We are looking for participants to collect kilometers with us. Every kilometer should be sponsored by a donor who, for example, backs it with one euro. If you don’t have the time to take part, we would greatly appreciate a once-off donation or a shout out of our project. You can find additional information about Ubomi or the challenge on Instagram and Facebook.


Here you can find the registration for the “#run2southafrica4southafrica” fundraising run from 21.05.2021 until 31.05.2021. We are using the App “adidas Running” for this race. You will receive the link to the group directly with the confirmation mail after your registration. We would be grateful for a starting donation of 4€ and thank you for your support!

    I have found ... sponsors for my kilometers:

    I have found ... more participants for the run:

    I am willing to make a starting donation of ... I will do this myself (you can find all donations options here).

    Note: These details are only provisional. Of course, we are very happy, if you find more sponsors and runners after you registered here.

    I take note that my data or the data of my children is saved and being used only for the duration of the fundraising event. The data will be archived carefully and no third parties will have access to them.

    If you have problems with the registration, please feel free to contact us via




    This is only an advertisement for the premium account in the app which costs money after the trial has ended. For the normal use of this app you don’t have to pay any money. You always have the chance to close these popup advertisements.

    Open the App, click on Community at the bottom, scroll down and click on Groups & Communities, click on My Groups & Communities and then on the group Run2southafrica4southafrica.

    Make sure you have downloaded the most recent version of the Adidas Running App (Version 5.12).Click on the invitation link again. If it is still not working, please contact us, so we can find a solution.

    Your username will be displayed in the group. You can change this by clicking on Profile at the bottom, click on the settings icon in the upper right corner, under personal settings click on edit profile, here you can change your username. Further privacy settings you can also find under personal settings, privacy.

    Only running activities are displayed in the ranking. Nevertheless, kilometres from other activities (cycling, hiking, etc) are added to group distance, if you joined the group.


    You can get yourself a sponsor for your kilometres covered. This person then agrees to donate a certain amount for each kilometre that you ran/cycled/… (i.e. 1€ per kilometre). You can use the sponsor card on this website to write down the names and amounts of your sponsors. At the end of this challenge you can either collect the money from your sponsors or they can directly donate to Ubomi (here you can find the donating options).

    With the money we want to create the best possible conditions in our Ubomi houses so that the children can develop into healthy, happy and self-confident people. They receive a warm and healthy meal, homework support and language lessons, life skills training, as well as games, sports and creative activities.

    You can find all the donating options here.


    We want a peaceful life and better future for our Ubomi children. We believe in this vision. „It always seems impossible until it’s done“. This quote from Nelson Mandela was our motto when we planned and finally opened our first Ubomi house back in 2016. Please continue to help us realize our vision and enable the children, who so deeply deserve it, to have a life worth living.